A Personal Knowledge Manager

Manage any kind of information for your personal use with the swipe of your thumb. Your own massive personal memory mansion within your mobile device. Store years of information and make it easily accessible using our patented system.

List | Mindmap | World | AR

Your data can co-exist in different views. Save inclrs in a list, a mind map, on a world globe or place them in an interactive 3D space environment! Each view allows for a different way of storing and understanding your inclrs.

Create an Inclr for that

You can create an inclr for anything! Inclr are customisable bundles of data, graphically expressive and beautiful to share. Making each one unique is only half the fun.

Cool Features

Unique features the you won’t find anywhere else!

Unique Amazing Interface

With Inclr, all your notes are organised graphically, spatially and beautiful. We patented it that way!

Patented Invention

Inclr is a patented system.  We thought the way data is organised is important enough to make it official!

Web Browser

Hate bookmarks? Inclr as a web browser saves your homepages with ease

Note Taker

Text notes, to-do lists, photos and videos, sketches and files, anything you need to take your notes creatively

Map Browser with Sketch

Inclr also is a Map Browser but with sketching features that allow drawing directly on the globe! Sketches are saved and imprint on the globe.

All File Types Supported

Import any file type and use Inclr as a conduit for your documents – like a file manager for designers

Mindmap your world

Got too much information? Inclr Map view allows you to organise information with space and graphics. You’ll find information far more easier than in a boring list.

Augmented Reality Supported

Ever want to place you notes in 3D space?  Inclr can! Save the coordinates and load the next time you need it.

Sync between devices

All data is stored locally on the device and synced between devices.

Responsive Next Day Support

Support is phenomenal. Often we respond on the same day or within the next day. New features can be updated within the week based on requests


Small glimpse of the Inclr universe..

"Great looking, Outstanding interface! As a general note taker, document viewer, multimedia viewer and so much more, this app pretty much does it all... I was 1st drawn in by the user interface, then after realizing the power behind the pretty face, I knew that Inclr would be a real winner."
"Inclr is a rich and multifaceted app with an elegant approach to centralising, accessing and composing all your information on your devices. It will revolutionise the way we work, research and make use of the vast amounts of information we deal with daily."
"This app is brilliant! I can finally store all my files in the same place and I'm free to visualise as I prefer. Inclr literally gives you the freedom to store any data format and at the same time customise everything at your will!”
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