Everything! Inclr is an everyday app. From planning a trip, a party, managing work portfolio, your children’s summer plans, grandma’s secret recipes, project status, comic books….The possibilities are endless.
Inclr and its entries are stored locally on your mobile phone device. The app can be used whether you are online or offline.
It can be backed up and uploaded to your personal iCloud.
Yes. You can download the document here.
Currently we supporting iOS9 and iOS10 on iPhones and iPads.

Yes! We encourage you to. After all, sharing is caring! See below.
Yes! But it requires them to have the Inclr app too because the inclrs are coded in a way which can only be opened in the Inclr app. We are working on the Web version however.
From inside the app your share an inclr download link via a messaging service of your choice. The download link will automatically take you to Inclr app and download the inclr.
It can hold up to 2500 entries, although in theory, it can hold an infinite amount of information.
Simple inclr = 1mb (without photos and videos)
We keep your image and videos are the imported size, with options to downsize to save space.
Yes. You can lock an inclr and/or its nodes.

We understand the importance of privacy. Your inclrs and nodes can be locked (and unlocked) using your fingerprint or your device’s passcode. Once an inclr or node is locked, the titles and icons are hidden.




Creating a New Inclr

Changing Inclr Name

Changing Inclr Background

Creating a Web Node

Creating a Notes Node